Bringing the Neurosciences in Berlin closer together

Nowadays, there exists a wide variety of training programs for young researchers. Over the years the local research and training landscape has changed. As a result, early career researchers – from MSc students to non-tenured group leaders – can choose from many excellent educational and training formats, as well as a number of renowned programs either focusing directly on neuroscience or covering relevant aspects.
The ECN will promote junior researchers during their entire qualification and training period.
In addition to financial support and research assistance, the junior researchers will be fostered by intensive career mentoring and advice within a multi-faceted orientation process.

The proposed instruments to promote young researchers are connected with the approved training-concepts of our partners. The ECN will develop a practitioner-oriented educational program. This multitude of training structures, each with a different focus, offers a fantastic opportunity to establish an interdisciplinary training needed for the success of modern neuroscience.

Training the next generation of top ranking scientists is at the heart of our mission.