“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

paraphrased from A. Einstein

Bringing the Neurosciences in Berlin closer together

Neuroscience is just beginning to provide us with an understanding of how the brain works and how it controls the way we think, learn and remember.

Neuroscience research requires insights from many different disciplines to make significant contributions to our understanding of neural operations from synapses to higher cognitive functions.The neuroscience landscape in Berlin is exceptionally rich, with research spanning from synapse to behavior, molecule to disease, and brain to mind.

The Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin (ECN) was initiated to establish an umbrella structure that specifically fosters interdisciplinary, collaborative research by facilitating synergies between existing research groups and promoting interaction on all levels.

The ECN currently has currently about 120 individual members (principal investigators), many of whom are directors of clinical research programs. All share a common aim: To increase our knowledge of neuroscience and develop new research approaches. Furthermore, the ECN provides an educational program the Einstein Training Program (ETP).

Our long-term vision is an Einstein Center for Neurosciences with an international faculty and high visibility, a positive and cooperative environment, integrative and interactive research and training which provides young scientists with a first-rate disciplinary education.