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When Hypotheses become Clinical Reality

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METIS: Gender Equity: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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Welcome to the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin

This Center was founded to provide an umbrella structure to foster interdisciplinary, collaborative research; harmonize and combine the many existing graduate programs in Berlin; and improve international visibility. We want to facilitate further synergies among the different research groups and promote interactions at all levels.

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“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

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As the magazine of the Medical Neurosciences Program, the CNS Newsletter is created by and published every three months for the Neuroscience community in Berlin by current and former MedNeuro students.

Each issue includes a series of articles focused on a theme – a topic related to neuroscience or academia in general – and a number of timely, non-theme articles.

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A new generation of optogenetic tools for research and medicine

The European Research Council (ERC) is providing 10 million euros in funding for an interdisciplinary, collaborative project to structurally and biophysically analyze selected photo-receptors and develop them into “OptoGPCRs”, light-controlled molecular switches with a wide range of applications in biology and medicine. 

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Surprising insights into the role of autophagy in neurons

It appears that autophagy protects our neurons in the brain, but evidently for entirely different reasons than previously assumed, as researchers from the Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) and Charité in Berlin have now shown. These fundamentally new findings have now been published in the prestigious journal “Neuron”.

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Falling Walls Winner

We are Falling Walls Finalists! Watch our science breakthrough in the Science and Innovation Management Category here: Enable the next impact-driven generation of scientists
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