The Einstein Training Program

With the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin, we aim to introduce a structure to establish a long-term educational program that will stabilize the growth of the Berlin neuroscience community by strengthening it at the base. In addition to measures taken to link the local master’s and PhD programs, with the Einstein Training Program (ETP) the ECN will establish an overarching PhD program that unifies the graduate neuroscience PhD programs currently in place in Berlin. Within the ETP, there will be special emphasis on interaction and collaboration, and several concrete measures will be taken to promote a “philosophy of translational research”.

The Einstein Training Program (ETP) will include the following major aims and measures:

  1. Harmonizing existing programs and offering inter-institutional teaching and training options
  2. Identification of a individual core curriculum
  3. Continuing education program
  4. Recruiting and supervising excellent international PhD students
  5. Encouraging and supporting independence for excellent young scientists