First ECN Open Innovation in Science Award 2019 granted

The winners of the first Open Innovation in Science Award of the Einstein Center for Neurosciences have been announced.

On Thursday, October 10, 2019, an interdisciplinary jury of experts in Neuroscience and Open Innovation in Science selected the two most promising projects (out of twelve submitted projects).

The winners 2019 are:

Gisela Govaart, first prize and
runner-up: the team Anna Lena Eckert and Lara Wieland.
In a three-minute project pitch, these project ideas were convincing.

Gisela Govaart´s OIS project (video on YouTube), will focus on the effects of speaker variability on phoneme processing in adults, in order to probe in which way phoneme representations are stored. With this project, she aims to get a ‘proof of concept’ for the adult mind, which she can subsequently test in infants. This will benefit her infant studies, because she can then compare whether and when infants start to build and use adult-like representations.

Anna Lena Eckert´s and Lara Wieland´s OIS project (videos on YouTube) will focus on patients with schizophrenia. They will put the computational account of schizophrenia through a thorough test across the cortical hierarchy and perceptual domains, using behavioral experiments and imaging techniques such as fMRI. 



The two winning teams received 5.000€ each from the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft for further development of their projects.

The Einstein Center for Neuroscience Berlin (ECN) aims to strengthen the field of Open Innovation in Science (OIS) in the neurosciences. Therefore, the ECN has integrated the OIS Award as part of it´s educational PhD program.
ECN PhD students submit to the OIS Award as part of their PhD training.

The OIS Prize is intended to support the development and implementation of OIS project ideas.

The OIS Award is implemented in collaboration with the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft’s Open Innovation in Science Center (LBG OIS Center), BIH QUEST and SPARK-BIH.

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