OIS training for Members of the ECN

Of course, the ECN does not only train its PhD Fellows in Open Science and Open Innovation concepts. We also train our Principal Investigators. On May 17th, 2019, Professor Marion Poetz gave an ‘Introduction to Open Innovation in Science’ workshop for ECN Principal Investigators in the Fenster der Wissenschaft at CharitéCrossOver building on Charité Campus Mitte. During this workshop learned our members the principles of Open Science and Open Innovation and how both create scientific novelty and impact. They also learned more details about our Lab for Open Innovation in Science for our PhD Fellows and how they can create a supportive environment for their projects.

More information Open Innovation in Science can be found on https://ois.lbg.ac.at/en/lois/overview.


If you are interested in receiving an introduction into Open Innovation in Science please send an email to Dr. Oliver Mai-Kolerus.



"I took part in the LOIS just after completing my PhD on basic research. I realized that I had forgotten that behind the molecules and receptors there is always a patient, and behind every research project the possibility of a multidisciplinary approach." 

Luisa A. Hasam Henderson, PhD
Participant of the Lab of Open Innovation in Science 2020
Eternity.Health GmbH, Berlin