Translating academic careers into industry healthcare professions

Though academic institutions have contributed enormously to the remarkable growth in the healthcare industry, a key limiting resource for this continued growth is the creation of career opportunities for doctoral graduates.

Exploring career options will come with surprises. With luck, it should not only expose strengths and weaknesses but also create enthusiasm and passion for specific topics. One absolutely essential ingredient in translating one’s training in academia to a faculty job or industry is strong communication skills, as well as the courage to approach people across networks, asking for introductions or even cold calling others, especially those with professional paths that look interesting.

Some more insights about the possibilities and changes for Master and PhD students to get jobs outside academia you´ll get by reading the article from Charité-Universitätsmedizin PhD student Sinje Gehr and SPARK-Berlin founder & ECN PI Craig Garner. Published in Nature Biotechnology.


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