LOIS – Lab for Open Innovation in Science at the Einstein Center for Neurosciences (ECN)

The first Open Innovation in Science Training-program with ECN PhD-Students

A successful two-day workshop took place in Berlin in November 2017. Approximately 15 ECN Students took the possibility to join the workshop and learn more about “Open Innovation”. The speakers Dr. Karin Beukel, Dr. Marion Poetz and guest speaker Dr. Lucia Malfent led through the program.

It´s all about this:
Scientists can learn about and experiment with principles and methods of Open Innovation along the entire scientific research process, from generating research questions to eventually translating scientific knowledge into innovation.

"This module introduces participating PhD students to the notion of “Open Innovation” — an emerging perspective for understanding innovation, and some of the underlying theories, frameworks, and tools. Participants will learn about the basics of Open Innovation including open innovation processes and models, sources of innovation, search and collaboration methods, management of intellectual property, and relevant contingency factors. Building on this basic insight, the module furthermore aims at developing an understanding of why, how and under which conditions Open Innovation principles and methods constitute a valuable approach to accessing and leveraging widely distributed knowledge sources in the process of generating new scientific insight and translating it into innovation.
Overall, the module aims at providing participants with a solid foundation for discussing the transfer and application of Open Innovation principles and methods to the context of scientific research. Participating PhD students will furthermore receive instructions for developing first OIS project ideas which are going to be discussed during other modules."

Workshop participants

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By the end of the module, participating PhD students will have developed the following knowledge

-An understanding of the basic attributes of Open Innovation
-An understanding of various aspects of Open Innovation, including sources of innovation, search and collaborating methods, and IP rights
-An understanding of the antecedents, outcomes and contingencies of Open Innovation
-An understanding of important challenges along the entire scientific research process and how these maybe addressed by applying Open Innovation methods and principles
-An understanding of basic aspects related to external partnering for translating science into innovation

Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft is offering The Lab for Open Innovation in Science (LOIS) as professional training for the development of Open Innovation strategies among the Austrian and international scientific community.

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