Falling Walls Winner

We are Falling Walls Winners! Watch our science breakthrough in the Science and Innovation Management Category here:
Enable the next impact-driven generation of scientists

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 Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin on the breakthrough:

Open Innovation (OI) offers a different way of doing research to address urgent global challenges. We developed an unique training strategy that empowers early-stage researchers to apply OI concepts into their projects. To embed our training into Berlin’s neuroscience landscape and to encourage competition, we established our OI in Science Award in 2019 which winning project already raised additional funding for its further development.

There are more finalists and more walls to break!
Have a look to another Falling Falls Finalist:

Breaking the Wall between Art and Neuroscience


EDGE brings Neuroscience to the public with art, educating and sharing with creativity, humanising scientific research and fostering artistic innovation. Co-founded by the nominee, the project engages with research institutes, attracts public funding to host exhibitions and commissions new art about current research. EDGE offers a networking platform for emerging science and art scene, in Berlin and beyond. EDGE’s 2020 exhibition will feature work from international artists and neuroscientists

The team of Edge is an international group of artist-scientists, a community, with a keen interest, and varied perspectives on the intersections between art and neuroscience.

Ian Erik Stewart , PhD Student, Executive Curator
Ian Erik Stewart is a PhD candidate at the MDC Berlin researching on the neurobiology of proprioception. During his studies in Sydney, London, and Berlin, he produced installations and audio artworks; to humanize and communicate neuroscience to the public, in 2017 he and other neuroscientists founded the association EDGE: Blurring the Borders between Art and Neuroscience, the activities of which include workshops and exhibitions. 


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