Carmen Birchmeier is the new member of Leopoldina, the National Academy of Scieces

On Wednesday, May 22 the National Academy of Sciences introduces the new members in the field of life sciences.

Honouring her scientific achievements, Prof. Dr. Carmen Birchmeier is getting one of the highest scientific awards granted by a german Institution.
Carmen is a geneticist, investigating the function of genes in the embryonic development. Further, she is interested in the maintenance of organ functioning.
Her aim is to find out those genetic mutations that lead to a failed development of our nervous system, to malfunctions of skeletal muscles, or to cardiac diseases. Moreover, she investigates the role of genes in Cancer.
Founded in 1652, Leopoldia engages in independent science to the benefit of society. Currently around 1500 scientists are gathered from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and many other countries.


Prof. Dr. Carmen Birchmeier
Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin Berlin (Member of the ECN)

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