April 2017

12th World Congress on Brian Injury

Location: New Orleans, Lousiana

Berlin BRAIN & BRAIN PET 2017

Location: Berlin, Germany

Programming and reprogramming the brain

Location: Munich, Germany

SPARK Educational Forum - Clinical Trial Design

Location: CCO Auditorium, Virchowweg 6

Meta-analytic approaches to mapping the brain, its connections and functions

Location: Berlin, BCCN

The RNA Revolution - User Symposium

Location: Berlin, Robert-Koch-Platz 7

Medicine through a hologenomic lens

Location: Berlin, Philippstr. 13


Location: Birmingham, UK

PET imagining to visualize the effects of stress on brain immune system

Location: Charité, Campus Mitte

SPARK Entrepreneurial Forum - Financing

Location: Fenster der Wissenschaft, Virchowweg 6

Neuroscience Colloquium

Tony Wyss-Coray

More information

Location: Berlin, Germany