April 2018

Neuro Colloquium: Amy Buck - RNA and vesicle secretion by helminth parasites: at the host interface

Location: Maud Menten room, Haus 18, Philippstr. 13

MCLS 2018

Location: Oxford, UK

"Berlin Brains" 2018

Location: Berlin, Germany

7th International Conference on Brain and Neurological Disorders

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

20th International Neuroscience Winter Conference

Location: Sölden, Austria

NeuroCure Lunchtime Seminar: Christian Madry

Microglial immune surveillance powered by potassium channels

Location: Berlin, CCO Auditorium

Monitoring and manipulating phospholipids functions and signalling

Location: Berlin, Germany

Functions of the chromatin organizer Satb2 in the adult CNS

Location: Berlin, Historical Auditorium, Oscar-and-Cécile-Vogt-House

Spring Brain Conference 2018

Location: Rungstedgaard, Denmark

Neuroscience Colloquium

Neural circuits mediating visually guided behaviours in zebrafish

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Location: Paul Ehrlich-Hörsaal, Berlin

23rd International Conference on Neurology and Neurosurgery

Location: Rome, Italy

NeuroCure Lunchtime Seminar: Shane Liddelow

"What do reactive astrocytes do?"

Location: Berlin, CCO Auditorium

BIH Digital Health Forum

Topic: Digital Technologies are Transforming Healthcare: How Hospitals Can Evolve? (tentative)

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Location: Berlin, Hörsaalruine

Neuroscience Colloquium

“Mechanisms underlying quantal synaptic vesicle recycling"

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Location: Paul Ehrlich-Hörsaal, Berlin