How to apply?
Please use our online application platform (please follow the link AFTER December 1). Follow the instructions on the plattform. At the moment, there is only a desktop version available.
You need to:
  • Create a profile
  • Once you have a profile, you can start filling in the required information and to upload the required documents (see "What do I need to supply?")

Only complete applications via this platform can be processed.

Who can apply?
Formal qualification is a MSc or equivalent degree.
Outstanding candidates with a BSc degree are also eligible after assesment of their qualification.
What do I need to supply?
Interested candidates should submit a CV, two letters of recommendation and a letter of motivation/intent. This letter should also include a short description of the applicants' academic and research interests, nominating up to three potential labs within the consortium. Please note that you are free to change your preference during the application process or during lab rotations. Reference letters can be handed in with the application or submitted separately by the reference.
How do I get recommendation letters?
Candidates should contact potential references as soon as they decide to apply. There is the possibility for the candidate to upload the letter or, if the candidate is not in possession of the letter, to put in the reference' name and email. The reference will receive an automated email with an upload link after you finished your application (you formally applied for an ECN PhD Fellowship).
What is the project description/proposal?
Depending on the research area you are interested in, you need to prepare a project proposal about a hypothetical project you would like to carry out. The project should have an interdisciplinary nature, combing different research fields represented in the ECN. The project itself does not necessarily has to be an extension of your current research project, nor is it required that you are an expert in that field. However, you must convincingly present how you want to carry out the project including how you acquire knowledge which might be missing right now. The project must be feasible. It must be possible to complete it within the time of the fellowship.

The proposal should contain:

  1. A summary, including the relevant professional experience of the applicant and the relevance of the proposed project in the scientific context.
  2. Detailed description of planned methods.
  3. Detailed description of the research to be conducted, including hypotheses.
  4. Bibliography.
The proposal should have no more than 4 pages in the Font Arial, size 12 point. All proposals will be reviewed by different ECN members, some of whom may not be experts in your research field. Make sure your proposal is also comprehensible non-specialists. Please upload a PDF version.
Proof of proficiency in Emglish for non-native speakers
You have to provide a proof of proficiency in English, through TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent. If you are an English native speaker OR the main language of your study program was English you do not need to provide a language test.
What does a scholarship cover?
A scholarship constitutes of roughly 1468 € per month, from which health insurance has to be subtracted.
In which research group can I do my PhD thesis?
In all research groups that are members of the consortium, a list can be found here: list of ECN-PIs
Which graduate program will I be affiliated with?
Depending on the choice of the final lab, you will be affiliated with one of the following programs:

- Berlin School of Mind and Brain

- Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin

- International Graduate Program Medical Neurosciences