Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin - PhD Fellowships

The ECN in collaboration with its member institutions promotes cutting-edge neuroscientific research within a wide range of disciplines following different approaches. The ECN provides the umbrella structure that specifically fosters interdisciplinary, collaborative research by facilitating cooperation between these institutions, and by promoting interaction on all levels.

With over 120 internationally recognized research groups, the ECN offers outstanding interdisciplinary training and research opportunities for national and international scientists, with research spanning from synapse to behavior, molecule to disease, and brain to mind.

With annual calls for application, the ECN will finance the finding and start phase of PhD research project for one year. All selected PhD students have the opportunity to undertake up to three small rotation projects (i.e. at least two months each) in different labs before the start of the research work to make an informed choice about their final PhD lab.

If you are interested in applying for our program, please have a look at our website subsection 'How to apply' and the FAQs. If your question(s) are not answered in the FAQ section please send us an email to ECN-Application@charite.de . We will be happy to answer your queries!