OIS Award - Application

Who can participate?

All individual scientists or groups of scientists in the field of neuroscience located in Berlin as well as local neuroscientific institutions. Early career researchers such as PhD students and their supervisors are particularly encouraged to apply!

The OIS Award is an integrative element of the ECN’s PhD program. ECN PhD students submit to the OIS Award as part of their PhD training.

Which projects are eligible for the OIS Award?

The OIS Award aims at supporting the development and implementation of OIS project ideas. An OIS project idea eligible for submission to the OIS Award needs to

  • convincingly outline how OIS concepts, methods and tools are planned to be incorporated in a neuroscientific research and innovation context - whether this involves inbound OIS approaches such as citizen or crowd science, patient-driven innovation, transdisciplinary co-creation of research projects or open distribution and dissemination of research data and/or results, converting scientific discovery into behavioral advice, app development or other innovative solutions using outbound OIS approaches such as technological competence leveraging or hackathons, and
  • how this contributes to increasing novelty, efficiency and/or impact of the particular neuroscientific research in which this OIS project is embedded.

The updated application guidelines will be published in spring 2022.